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How to Plan a Dinner Part


Suffice to say, planning a dinner party is more complicated than it looks. People that regularly attend the dinner parties of their friends will rarely realize just how much effort goes into them. Many people that host dinner parties try to appear as calm as possible in order to be good hosts, which only furthers the perception that planning dinner parties is relatively easy. However, as party planners gain more and more experience, the process will run much more smoothly for them.

Guest Lists

When planning a dinner party, a host first needs to establish how many people will be attending. The meal preparations, the seating, and even the entertainment options could all be influenced by the number of guests.

At that point, the host will need to send out invitations and give potential guests plenty of time to confirm that they will or will not be attending the party. Without sufficient notice, it is possible that dinner party hosts will suddenly end up with more or fewer guests than they were anticipating.

Menu Plans

Dinner party planners need to consider their guests’ food preferences as they are planning their menus. For one thing, certain guests may have food allergies or ethical issues surrounding food. Today, it’s generally expected to provide vegetarian alternatives for guests, for instance. Dinner party hosts that don’t know these details will simply have to research them in advance, because making these kinds of mistakes will affect how the entire dinner party is received by guests.

Dinner party hosts will then need to work out how much food they’ll need for the party in general. It’s always better to overestimate than underestimate, of course. Plenty of guests like to take leftovers home with them, but no one wants to go to a dinner party where the food is in short supply.

Dinner party hosts need to decide how much food they’re going to prepare for themselves, if any, and how much they plan to order or purchase. If they plan to order food, they will need to decide where they’re going to get it, and set aside enough time for the whole process. If they plan to make a lot of the food themselves, they will need to write out ingredients lists, purchase the ingredients in a massive shopping trip, and make sure they do everything in the right order.

Some dinner parties may serve alcohol, and some may not. Most dinner parties will have coffee, soda, and other types of beverages easily available for guests, however. Some guests will appreciate having dietary alternatives. Dinner party planners can save themselves a lot of time and heartache simply by trying to get feedback from their guests in advance.


Many dinner parties have music playing in the background. Hosts that know something about their guests’ music preferences will probably make the best choices regarding the music. Some dinner parties have games as well. Charades and Pictionary have always been popular, although there are plenty of other more experimental party games that some hosts may want to try. They can always offer these sorts of games as options, and let the guests decide for themselves as a group.

Things to do in Minneapolis


Minneapolis, Minnesota is hugely underrated as for entertainment. There are plenty of fun activities in Minneapolis, and many interesting places to visit. Minneapolis’s attractions will vary according to the season, of course, but visitors should always be able to find something to enjoy in any season. Minneapolis is also great for people that live nearby and want to take day trips. It is no wonder that Minneapolis is a popular city for local individuals.

Films and Theater

Minneapolis can be a great city for entertainment opportunities. The Lagoon Theater is a great place to see independent films. Visitors can also see Broadway shows at the Orpheum Theater or the Historic State Theater. However, the Guthrie Theater is one of the most well-known venues for culture in Minneapolis. At no extra charge, Guthrie Theater also provides beautiful riverfront scenery to its patrons. Seeing a show at the Guthrie Theater should be a priority for many visitors.

Art and Museums

A visit to Minneapolis can definitely be educational and enriching. The Mill City Museum will give visitors an excellent introduction to Minneapolis history. The American Swedish Institute can help introduce guests to Scandinavian culture. Historically, Minnesota has had a notable Scandinavian population, which is why Minneapolis has chosen to honor them in this fashion. The Walker Art Center offers plenty of regular activities, particularly for families that are trying to make their vacations educational for their children.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has a vast number of completed art pieces on display every day for visitors to see, so people can get a great deal of culture on their visits to Minneapolis. The Basilica of St. Mary holds the distinction of being the country’s oldest basilica, so it is definitely worth a visit.


Minneapolis offers an unexpectedly broad range of dining options. Pizza Luce is one of the best pizza places in Minneapolis, especially for people that are trying to enjoy late nights out. People that love sushi should try Wasabi, which also has the unique distinction of offering visitors affordable sushi. The French Corner Bistro in Minneapolis can offer visitors surprisingly genuine French food at reasonable prices. Visitors definitely won’t have to hunt around for a great restaurant in Minneapolis.

Outdoor Activities

Many people that enjoy canoeing will visit the Lake of the Isles, which offers beautiful scenic views in every season. The Nice Ride bike program makes parts of the city very bicycle-friendly as well, so people that are interested in an active vacation or an active day out will have options.

Ice fishing is a popular winter activity in Minnesota, and there should be plenty of opportunities to try ice fishing at the local lakes in Minneapolis during the wintertime. Minneapolis is indeed very cold in the wintertime, but many people enjoy winter sports and winter activities. People from warmer climates that want to experience a chillier holiday should give Minneapolis a try. Hopefully, more and more word will get out about the activities and sites in Minneapolis.